Saturday, June 6, 2009

Moving Post-Mortem, Twitter Style

Twitter only gives you 140 words or fewer to express your most wondrous thoughts. I don't tweet but I think I can sum up the move in the same number of words...

More paper boxes than fewer. Don't discard all the box lids, just most. If you have a staging area for things you don't need THAT DAY, use that. We put "I'll need this next week" boxes in the garage. But they have to come out of there eventually so we can put actual cars there. We haven't made our kitchen totally functional yet, not good. Too much take out food money down the drain. My pre-move-in walkthrough skills could use some work. No upstairs A/C for a week sucks. I've found most everything that was "misplaced" in the move and nothing much got destroyed from there to here. All in all, I just hope we get our deposit back from the other place. And now my un-tweet is done.

My childhood librarian would be so happy that I've moved myself and my girls (and yes, Rick too) into the library's back yard. I know I am.

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